Friday, September 13, 2013

Adventures in House Hunting

Since Cassidy got a full time job and decided not to go to Grad School this fall, we've been searching for a more permanent place to live up here. We originally started looking at town homes, but then decided to find a less expensive, older home. We've seen a few sets of houses and are starting to figure out what we do and don't like. There was a home we were really excited to see, but it had gotten pretty trashed since the pictures were taken. It needs way too much work done, so we had to cross that one off our list. 

Then, the other day, we may or may not have accidentally broken into a house. 

See, there was a house with no pictures online, so we wanted to drive past it to see if it was worth seeing. Well, the house was vacant, so we got out of the car and were looking around. There was an open window in the back, so I was looking through the window. Then I decided to try the back door. It was unlocked, so I went in. Then there was a beep! 

It was the motion sensor on the alarm system! So we had to hurry and leave!!!

Last night we saw another older home we really liked, but it was in a renter neighborhood, so we had to cross that off our list too. Bummer. 

Here's hoping we can find our home soon! 

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