Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

So here I am, 10:30 at night, sitting alone on my couch watching Pretty Little Liars, texting my husband. But it's okay, we had our Valentine's date yesterday, you know, before and after his work :)  You see, this morning I drove Cass to the Cedar airport so he could be flown out to the U. He's been accepted into their Masters of Education program and they flew him out to get a tour of Salt Lake and for interviews for an assistantship. It's super nice that they flew him out, all the way to SLC!! So last night we went to Ninja for dinner. We had a super yummy shrimp sushi roll with a sweet chili sauce and then I had the beef yakisoba. It was delicious. Like, so freaking good!! Also, I got Cass the cutest Buzz and Woody card, since we're best friends. It was a pretty good make-shift Valentine's day. Hope you all had a great one too! 

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